Vankyo V600 Native 1080p LED Projector with 120" Screen

  • Projects in full HD and has a built-in speaker (or you can attach your own)
  • 2 HDMI ports including one premium audio
  • 250 ANSI lumens & 5500 lux brightness can project a picture up to 300"
  • Comes with a 120" screen
  • Does it come in Georgia Red: No, but it can be used to stream Georgia football games
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Cinema? More Like Stay-In-Ema!

Used to be that you had to go to the cineplex to watch summer blockbusters. But now, half of them are out on HBO Max or Disney+, like, a week after their release. The only problem? Your television. It just doesn’t give you that theater experience.

Which is why you should invest in this Vankyo V600 Projector. It projects in full HD, it’s got a speaker (or, if you want, you can connect it to an external sound system), and it comes with a 120" screen (but the projector is capable of 300" if you need to go even bigger).

In other words, with this Vankyo, you get all the perks of a movie theater experience without any of the downsides. You get the new movies via your streaming service. You get a big screen via your projector. You can have whatever snacks you want. You can wear whatever pants you want, including no pants. You can watch inside or host a movie night out in your backyard (assuming you have the outlet). And nobody’s going to give you any guff if you decide to “sneak in” an adult beverage.

Sure, there are more and more theaters that offer beer, wine, and cocktails while you view. But those get pricey. And with the money you save on NOT paying theater premiums, you can afford to rent a boozy film to go along with your boozy beverage! Something like:

  • You’ve Got Ale
  • When Sherry Met Sally
  • Hot Fuzzy Navel
  • Tallboyhood
  • Julep & Julia
  • Meet Joe Black & Tan
  • Long Shutter Island Iced Tea
  • The French 75 Connection
  • Gin the Line of Fire
  • Se7en and Se7en

You’re right. These movies don’t actually exist. But the projector does! And it’s good! So get one, and enjoy the big screen experience without leaving the house.

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