Vankyo GO300 Mini DLP Wifi Projector with 120" Projector Screen

  • Portable Design with Tiny Size
  • The projector, that is, not the screen
  • WIFI Supported
  • Bluetooth Supported
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We've Created A Monster

Anyone else getting tired of the same old monsters. Dracula? More like Drab-ula! Zombies? A bunch of real zom-bozos! Werewolves? Get-the-hell-outta-here, wolves! Enough with the masked killers using gardening implements, with the typical ghosts and ghouls, and enough with the clowns! No, it’s about time we forge a bold new direction in horror. I’ve even roped in our own resident monster-sculptor @KoolHandJoe for his expert opinions on the matter. Let’s see what we’ve got.


What about a romantic comedy wherein the protagonist falls in love with the ghost on a cursed VHS? Ghost says they have seven days to live, that they’re cursed, and the person decides they are going to use those seven days to, rather than pass on the curse, woo the ghost. Turn on the videotape with a fancy dinner set-up in front of the TV. Turn on the videotape, they’re posed on a bed surrounded by rose petals and playing romantic music. Will love prevail? Probably not.

@KoolHandJoe: “I think a carefully curated playlist of music starting with Careless Whisper playing softly in the background… this could work.”

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