URBNFit Core Strength & Balance Half-Ball Trainer w/ Detachable Resistance Bands

  • A great at-home workout
  • Not loud
  • Stores easily
  • Doesn’t roll
  • Is it Mac compatible: Oh yeah, totally; throw your MacBook Air on this thing and it’ll be a Pro in no time
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Stay Inside

Boy oh boy, does winter suck!

Don’t get us wrong, there are things to enjoy about it. It’s nice to watch that first snowstorm roll through in November or December. You ski, or build snowmen, or have snowball fights with your kids for a little while, before making the slow transition into full-blown hermit mode come January. And it’s great, right? Getting all cozy in your home?

Until, eventually, you go a little stir-crazy and start itching to move your body a bit more.

You could bundle up and go for a walk or jog, right? Sure, assuming the sidewalks and trails are clear. If they’re not–if they’re covered in snow and/or ice–then it defeats the whole purpose. After all, the only thing that makes cardio bearable is being able to power down the anxious part of your brain and lose yourself to some music or a podcast.

You could get a gym membership, but they cost money and time. Like, if you could teleport there, you could maybe justify the cost, but otherwise, you have to drive, park, and change before even making your way to the machines, and then, on the way out, you have to shower, change again, and drive home. All told, it adds more time than you’d think, and if you’re only going for a quick session on the elliptical and maybe a little lifting, is it really worth it?

You could get a gym machine for your house. But, again: money. Also: space. Also: noise. Seriously, while you’re doing a half-marathon on the treadmill, everyone else in your house will be thinking of 13.1 terrible names to call you, because you’ve filled the air with horrible rhythmic clanking.

Which all brings us to today’s product. Now, is doing a few exercises with this half-ball and some resistance bands the same as going for a big run or spending the day at the gym? No! Of course not! But it is a not-too-loud, not-too-expensive way to work up a little sweat and get your heart rate going without leaving your house when the weather gets under 10 degrees and stays there for two weeks.

So buy one! And move your body! At least a little bit!

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