URBNFit Core Strength & Balance Half-Ball Trainer w/ Detachable Resistance Bands

  • Tired of having to buy the whole ball when you only use half? Not today!
  • Resistance bands, also!
  • An easy at-home gym option (this feature doesn’t deserve an exclamation point but we’re going to add one anyway for consistency)!
  • Can it make a margarita: NO!!!
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Keep It Casual

We want to speak to the casual exercisers out there today.

Now, if you’re not a casual exerciser–if you’re, say, a regular gym rat or meathead or what have you–you’re not precluded from buying this product. In fact, please do buy it! We just think we don’t need to spend much time trying to sell it to you for the same reason we wouldn’t try explaining ice cream to Ben and/or Jerry or pitching salt to Mr. Morton. You probably know more about this than we do, is what we’re getting at, and will know pretty quickly whether or not it’s worth your money, given your routine.

So, anyway, back to you casuals. We imagine you fit into one of two categories:

Category #1: People who like shutting their brains off and letting monotony wash away their existential dread. Those of you in this category eschew the gym membership in favor of a pair of running shoes for a nice slow jog after work or a bike to ride long distances on the weekend. And those are great ways to exercise! But there’s probably a nagging voice in the back of your head saying, You should maybe balance this with some variety.

Well, this half-ball and resistance band thing could be perfect for that without you needing to invest a mortgage payment’s worth of money (or more) into a Bowflex.

And then there’s…

Category #2: People who need to do a variety of little exercises that add up to a full workout. To those of you in this category, the idea of running for an hour straight sounds like something a villain would threaten you with in order to get you to give up 007’s location. You need variety. Some sit-ups, some push-ups, some jumping jacks, etc.

Well, this can be incorporated into that workout for, again, way cheaper than some super serious exercise machine with more features than you could use.

So get it and up your casual workout game this summer!

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