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Trifo Ironpie M6 Visual Navigation Robotic Vacuum

  • Visualizes the layout of your floor plan for maximum efficiency, and gives you a map so you can tell it where to go.
  • Check out the video feed on the Trifo app, or take control and pester your housemates.
  • Released in 2019 with proprietary camera tech, a quad-core processor, strong 1800Pa suction power & Alexa compatibility.
  • Works on hard floors and most short to medium-pile carpets.
  • Will arrive by Christmas
  • Model: D0-Y0U-V4C-WH4T-1-V4C
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Still Cool

First off, these are some of the more affordable robot vacuum cleaners we’ve sold. Seriously, $119 is way cheaper than most Roombas. Moreover, they’re not bad! They’re smart. They can be controlled via an app (and you can even see what they see?) or through Alexa. They’re good on carpet and hardwood thanks to their 3 levels of suction power.

All this adds up to a great gift!

The only problem? Robot vacuum cleaners are so ubiquitous at this point that they’re no longer super exciting.

Which is why we brought in Chad Tempers, a Hollywood pitch man, to make these Trifo Ironpies sound a little more intriguing. Take it away, Chad:

Picture this: the world is a wasteland of dirt and dust, a veritable cesspool of clutter. We need a hero, someone who can navigate its grit-ridden rugs intelligently, cleaning up this once pristine place FOR GOOD! Or, at least until the next scheduled cleaning session.


Picture this: What’s happening to the sweet dust bunnies? They’re going missing at an alarming rate. Rumors have spread of… no… that can’t be true! A low-flying, sleek UFO?! It’s an abduction… of messes!


Picture this: your life is coming apart at the seams. Your house is a mess. You need someone to come in and cheer things up a little bit. A miraculous maid who’ll sing a little song called… efficiency! A magical robo-maid, if you will, like the Trio Ironpie M6!

Wow! Thanks, Chad! See? So exciting! So get one today for that special someone who doesn’t love to clean!

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