Thairapy365 3-Piece Infrared Dryer, Wet/Dry Iron & Clipless Trio Curler Set

  • You get a good hairdryer with infrared light that infuses a mild heat inside your hair cuticles
  • You get a great wet/dry straightening iron
  • You get a curling iron with three uniquely designed interchangeable barrels
  • You get to click one button to get it all, so you don’t need to spend time worrying about whether you need all this stuff or not
  • Model: H41R5-TH3-D34L
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A Bundle For Good

There are bad bundles and there are good bundles.

The thing bad bundles do is trick you into buying stuff you don’t need or want. They take one good thing and toss in a few other crummy/less-useful things, thus taking advantage of the part of your brain that sees a lot more stuff for not that much more money and thinks, Hey, that’s value!

In this way, bad bundles are a trap. They seduce you with their alluring cornucopia of possibilities and then leave you with a bunch of garbage to stick somewhere.

A good bundle, though? A good bundle is NOT a trap! A good bundle is FREEING!

For example, let’s say you were shopping for a hairdryer. It would be natural that, during this process, you’d see a wet/dry iron for straightening, and you’d think: That might come in handy, too. And then you’d see a curling iron, and you’d think, I’ve always wanted curls…

The problem? That’s three separate purchases. And purchasing three separate things at once is when things officially start to feel a little too extravagant. And when things start to feel a little extravagant is when you start to go back to decision one and ask questions like: Do I need any of this stuff?

The answer, unfortunately, is no. So, you don’t buy the curling iron or the straightening iron. In fact, you end up not even buying that hair dryer. Because, again, you don’t technically need it. Instead, you cut off all your beautiful hair–after all, having hair to tend to is a luxury itself–and you sell it to a wig-maker to buy your spouse a chain for their watch, only to find they sold their watch to buy you a comb for all that beautiful hair you have (ahem, had)!

Okay, we might’ve gotten a bit off track there. Point is, it would be much easier, and guilt-free, if someone put together a bundle that included a hairdryer, a straightening iron, and a curling iron–preferably ones that are very good and well-reviewed–for a nice price.

Like, the exact bundle we’re selling today, for example!

In conclusion, we are heroes.

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