The Duo 2.0 Multi-Position Memory Foam Laptop/Tablet Stand

  • Not to be compared with the smaller tablet/phone versions, this can hold your laptop, too
  • Honestly, just look at those product photos
  • Doesn’t this thing look like such a comfy place for your laptop to hang out?
  • Well, it’s comfy for you too
  • Ease neck strain and hand cramping
  • Favorite Stephen King novel: The Stand
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Stand for Comfort

Laptops were invented in a different time. A time when “ergonomic” was a word probably only seen in a select few eye-roll-inducing yuppie catalogs. A time when, were you to tell someone, “Some experts say that sitting is the new smoking,” they’d say, “Wait, are you telling me sitting is unhealthy?” And then they’d say, “Wait, are you telling me smoking is unhealthy?”

And so of course, the inventors of the laptop were like, “Let’s name this thing for the best way to use it, which is hunched over, uncomfortably, with it sitting in your lap, its molten-hot processor making your thighs sweat so much you think you might’ve pissed your pants.”

These days, we have a different way of looking at the world. We shamelessly discuss “ergonomic design” and “lumbar support” and “orthotics.” Those who work at normal desks are looked down upon by those who work at standing desks, who are themselves looked down upon by those who work at treadmill desks. And carpal tunnel syndrome is seen as a fate worse than death.

From the kitchen to the office to the bathroom, there are tons of products designed specifically to help you sit, stand, and work in a healthier, more comfortable position.

Like this thing.

Now, we know most of you are probably thinking, “With a brand name like ‘Tech Impressions,’ this has got to be a great, reliable product worthy of my hard-earned money, and so I need no further information.” But for those looking for a few more selling points, let us give you a quick rundown.

It’s a memory foam laptop stand (or book stand, or whatever stand) that you can put on your desk (or your lap, or your kitchen table, or your whatever) and it’ll not only position your laptop (or book, or whatever) so that’s easy to type on (or read, or whatever) but will also provide you with a soft place to rest your wrists to avoid cramping.

Pretty rad, right?

So get yourself one, and enjoy comfort and ease of use that the laptop’s inventors could’ve only dreamed of.

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