Tapology! Enthusiast 6-Pack Beer Tap Cooler

  • This thing turns any 6-pack into a pub-like experience
  • The beer is stimulated with sound waves to mimic the carbonation from a real tap
  • It also just works as a regular cooler to keep your brew cold
  • The red cups are not included but you can buy some copper ones HERE
  • Can it make Margaritas: Hmmm… they do make canned margaritas now…
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Can Do

Why does beer always taste better at the bar than at home? Because it’s on tap, not in a can. But why is that? Like, why does tap beer taste so much more delicious than canned beer?

9to5Toys explains:

We all know that draft tastes better than canned beer. But what exactly is the difference? Besides storage, one major thing is aeration. As the beer is being pumped, air bubbles form and release extra flavor. That’s also why you get a creamy head.

So, how do you enjoy tasty draft beer at home? Well, you could set up a tap in your basement and order kegs, but that’s a pretty big undertaking. You’re better off investing in something smaller. Like this thing.

It’s a portable cooler that keeps your canned beer cold. But, more importantly, it allows you to run tubes into said beer and then pour it from the tap. As the beer runs through the tubes, it’s stimulated with sound waves, making it foamy and delicious just like at the bar.

Of course, the bar experience isn’t just about the tap beer. So let’s run through some pros and cons of not going out:

PRO: At home, there are likely fewer weird people who will sit uncomfortably close to you and tell you their life stories.

CON: There are almost definitely fewer cool neon signs at your house than at the bar.

PRO: The bathrooms are more private at home or at a friend’s house, and cleaner (at least, we hope).

CON: If you stay too late at a bar, they just make you leave. If you bring this thing over to a friend’s house and overstay your welcome, it could have consequences for your friendship.

PRO: At home, you don’t have to pay $9 for a Blue Moon.

CON: There are no mysterious bartenders at your house to regale you with wild tales from their strange, meandering lives.

Really, though, none of this matters. Even if you have this thing, you can still go to the bar if you want. It’s just nice to have tap beer at home if you decide to stay in or want to bring something exciting to a barbecue.

So buy it!

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