TaoTronics Smart 14" 9-Speed Oscillating Adjustable Pedestal Fan with Remote

  • Dual 7-blade design with 9 speeds and a cool handy remote!
  • Smart airflow mode adjusts speed with the temperature of the room
  • Brushless DC motor provides working noise as low as 38dB
  • 3 wind modes: normal, nature and sleep
  • Turbo mode boosts airflow speed to more than 30m³/min, providing airflow up to 23 feet
  • Listen, it’s just a really good fan!
  • Can it make margaritas: No, that is not what these blades are optimized for
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Wind When You Need It

This is one of those things where the price really matters.

Like, yes, it would be cool to have an oscillating fan that you can control with a digital remote. That way, when you wake in the middle of the night and find the setting you preferred when you went to sleep now feels way too powerful, you don’t have to go bumping around in the dark. You can have said remote within arm’s reach and make the adjustment without even sitting up.

And yes, it would be awesome to have 9 speeds instead of the standard 3, because that means you’re more likely to find the exact setting you want, in terms of circulation and also white noise.

And speaking of noise, yes, it would be nice to have a fan that operates quietly so that you can enjoy the air movement and ambient sound without it being like you’re in a friggin’ wind tunnel.

Did we mention that this thing has a brushless DC motor and 7 blades, and features “smart speed adjustment” that “works perfectly with air conditioning to increase air circulation in your room, making it an effective tool to keep cool and save energy during the summer”?

All of this sounds super rad, right? Definitely something you’d look for in a fan… if it didn’t mean spending $65 on a thing that, at the end of the day, employs the same basic-ass whirling-propeller-technology that oscillating fans have relied on since their inception.

Why? Because all of these cool features don’t fix problems. They just lessen minor inconveniences.

It’s like having a shoehorn with a built-in Bluetooth-enabled tracking device so you can always find it in your disorderly sock drawer. It would be helpful once or twice, sure. But you wouldn’t pay a premium for it.

Which brings us back to where we started: the price really matters. So maybe you roll your eyes at all these advanced fan features when it’s gonna cost you more than $50. But if it’s not even gonna crack $40? Then that’s dope!

In other words: it’s an advanced fan that you can have for a basic fan price. So get one and enjoy some luxurious air circulation!

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