Tacklife T8 800 Amp 18000mAh Portable Jump Starter

  • It’ll jump your car
  • It’ll charge your phone
  • It’ll keep you from burning through a bunch of favors from your friends
  • Is it available in Georgia Red: This thing will save you from a dead battery, and you’re worried about school colors?!
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Car Talk

There are favors and there are car-related favors.

You obviously don’t want to overdo it in terms of asking any favors of your friends. But at least some things provide a little satisfaction. If you ask someone for advice, for example, it allows them to feel like an expert, which is cool. And if you ask someone for help with a little home improvement project, the work might be grueling, but at least there’s a sense of accomplishment at the end.

Car-related favors, on the other hand, involve no gratification for the favor provider whatsoever. It’s not: “Hey, I noticed you have a lot of knowledge.” Or: “Hey, I noticed you have a lot of skill.” It’s: “Hey, I noticed you have a car.” And yes, this makes car-related favors easier than most other favors. It also makes them extremely boring.

Which is why you need to be mindful of how many car-related favors you call in. Maybe don’t ask your friend for a ride to the airport two days after you used their truck to buy a new bed, is what we’re saying.

But there is no worse car-related favor than a jump start. You’re asking someone to drive all the way to your house, park in the driveway, and then just hang out while you fiddle with cables. It’s annoying. It’s time-consuming. And moreover, it’s avoidable. Because things like today’s product exist.

Here’s what you get: a big ol’ battery capable of getting your car up and going. Cars, SUVs, trucks, vans, you name it! If this thing’s fully charged, it can jump it! (Unless we’re talking about a semi; we don’t know if it could jump a semi.)

And aside from jumpstarting your car, it can also charge your devices thanks to its dual USB ports.

In other words, it’ll keep you from asking a bunch of stupid car-related favors of your friends. In fact, now that we think about it, you could use this to provide favors to your friends!

Which is maybe a negative.

But you should get it anyway.

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