Sunbeam Blood Pressure Monitor With Comfort Inflate Technology

  • Won’t squeeze you too hard
  • Super easy to read
  • Comes with a power cord but can also run on 4 AAA batteries
  • Can store up to 60 readings with date and time stamps
  • Its favorite mathematic-inspired graphic artist: M.C. Pressure
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Under Pressure

Why do you need something to take your blood pressure at home? We can’t say. And we don’t mean: we can’t see a use for this thing. On the contrary, there are any number of reasons one would invest in something to take their blood pressure at home, and frankly, none of them are any of our business.

Maybe your doctor wants you to monitor it because it’s a little high or a little low. Maybe you’ve got something serious going on. Maybe you enjoy arm squeezes and seeing numbers on a screen. It really does not matter.

What matters is: if you are going to invest in a blood pressure monitor, you should at least get a good one. And this one, from Sunbeam, is a good one. It’s quick. It’s gentle. It’s easy to read. It can store up to 60 readings with dates and time stamps. You can plug it in or you can use 4 AAA batteries to power it.

It’s perfectly convenient, is what we’re saying.

So it’s no wonder why this is the go-to blood pressure monitor of many famous blood actors. You know, such luminaries of the screen as:

  • John Claude Vein Damme
  • Lindsay Hemoglohan
  • PedrO+ Pascal
  • Transfu-Sean Astin
  • Sylvesselter Stallone
  • Chris Hemmorageworth
  • A-b Adams
  • Blythe Donor
  • Adam Clot
  • Anemickey Rourke

What a list of amazing cell-ebrities, huh?



Okay, well, we’re sorry. Now, buy a blood pressure monitor if you need one, please.

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