Styrofoam Cat Head

  • Problem: Where to store your cat hats and cat wigs?
  • Solution: On this 5¼ inch Styrofoam Cat Head
  • Use it for the base of your cat’s bust you were going to mold from clay
  • You liked the film adaptation of Cats, right?
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Hey, Joe here. I used to run the Meh warehouse, but now? Well, I’ve taken over the whole site! So, stick around for a fun day of deals, delights, and dolls! (Seriously, though, there will be lots and lots of terrifying dolls.)

Hard not to get a bit teary-eyed looking at this. Reminds me of Mitsy, the old cat we had in the warehouse. Mitsy was there to keep the mice at bay. But then the mice got into the coffee protein powder and, well, Mitsy just didn’t have a chance.

RIP, Mitsy. RIP.

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