STAX by Kvell 3-Piece Premium Versatile Collapsible Storage Set

  • You know storage cubes?
  • Yeah, these are those, but, like, sturdy and nice
  • Use the inserts to customize them (or don’t)
  • Heavy-duty MDF construction with a collapsible design to fold flat when not in use
  • Comes with one 24" x 12" rectangle, and two 12" x 12" cubes
  • Model: TH1NK-1N51D3-TH3-80X
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Some Boxes

Let’s just call it what it is here, okay? These things are boring. They’re sturdy, customizable, collapsible boxes for organizing your closets. Even if you’re young enough to think of them as real ‘furniture’ for out in the open, the point stands: they’re not cool.

When we sell an air fryer, admit it: there’s part of you that thinks, Man, it would be so cool to make crispy chicken tenders without a bunch of hot oil. And whenever we sell a smart speaker, you’re probably imagining some lavish future where you get home from work, take off your shoes, put up your feet, and call, “Alexa, dim the lights, turn on the game, and mix me a Negroni. It’s been a long day!”

God forbid we sell a 3D printer! Your imagination could take you to THOUSANDS of potential outcomes. 3D-printing cool doo-dads for your niece and nephew. 3D-printing car parts that need replacing. 3D-printing a WHOLE CAR!

But with these things? What’s the wild exciting future that awaits you post-purchase? Well, you could more easily conquer that whole pile-o-shoes situation in the bedroom. Or, you could organize your dress shirts. Maybe use one for laundry?

See what we mean? It’s not exactly fantasy stuff.

And that’s what’s so great about them.

Because, while there’s a chance you become the one in your friend group who’s famous for their air-fried wings, there’s also a chance that air fryer gets used twice before collecting dust for three years until you finally decide to donate it to a thrift store. And that super cool smart speaker that can control your whole house? You’re probably going to use it to listen to Spotify. A 3D-printer? Just forget it. If you’re the kind of person who impulse buys a 3D-printer, there’s no way you’re going to use it to its full potential.

These box things? They’re the opposite of all that stuff. The reason you can’t imagine doing anything exciting with them is because they’re so simple and straightforwardly practical. And what’s more: you don’t have to worry about not using them to their utmost potential. Because all you need to do is put one somewhere, and then put something inside it. Congratulations! You’ve pretty much maxed these things out!

So buy some today. We won’t pretend you’ll be excited to have them. But we can guarantee you’ll use them for something.

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