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Sphero Limited Edition 2.0 (Refurbished) with Nubby Cover

  • Model: S003AP, ACB0BU
  • Steer the little ball with your phone, it’s fun, really
  • Compatible with iOS or Android, despite Apple-centric packaging
  • Includes Nubby Cover for all-terrain spherical action
  • Augmented-reality game apps might be more fun than rolling Sphero around your non-augmented reality, but we’re not promising anything on that point
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The only thing that made CES fun.

Yesterday we told you that the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas was actually really boring. But there was always one thing we looked forward to. No, it wasn’t the (awkward) parties, the (crappy) swag, the (sad) celebrity appearances, or anything about Las Vegas itself. It was the Sphero booth.

Sphero, if you’ve somehow missed it, is a little ball you can drive around with a Smartphone app. And every year at CES, Sphero’s handlers set up a course of ramps and jumps and obstacles to run it through. Pretty simple. But getting the hang of steering that cute little ball was always way more fun than it should have been. It’s fast, it’s nimble, and somehow, it’s got personality.

There are a couple of minor new twists to this Sphero 2.0 Limited Edition. (As opposed to what, anyway? An “Unlimited Edition”? How “limited” could it have been if we got our hands on a bunch of them this cheap?) It’s got a partially transparent shell, so you can peek at the robot guts inside. It’s got a new engine, and updated firmware. They say you can use some so-called “augmented reality” apps that allegedly let you steamroll virtual zombies all over your living room or whatever. And we’ve thrown in a Nubby Cover, normally sold as an add-on, which gives the smooth-surfaced Sphero more traction and protection on rugged terrain.

Whatever puts the “2.0” in Sphero 2.0, we’re pretty sure you’ll have way more fun driving it around than you think you will. Especially, in this case, if you’re an Android user, because this “Limited Edition” was originally an Apple Store exclusive, so it’s got Apple branding all over it but still works with Android. In your face, Justin Long!

Best of all, you won’t have to spend hours walking the pitiless concrete floor of the Las Vegas Convention Center. Our feet hurt just thinking about it. But not as bad as our souls.

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