Spectrum Noir 24-Piece TriBlend Alcohol Marker Set (72 Colors) + Cardstock

  • Very good markers by a very good marker brand
  • The 24 of them can be broken down, resulting in 72 total colors
  • Perfect gradation of colors from light to dark per marker
  • Alcohol based ink is great for blending and layering
  • 20 sheets of cardstock for you to get your art on out of the box
  • Plus, they won’t roll
  • Model: M4RK-MC6W1R3
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Mark Our Words

People who don’t have kids: buy these markers!

Let us explain. It’s not that people with kids should not buy these markers. It’s just that, if you’ve got kids, you don’t need to be convinced about the utility of them. You understand that having a whole slew of markers around is pretty much a necessity. And if those markers can pack more colors into fewer packages (aka, there’s fewer to lose) and be designed in a way that makes it so they won’t roll away (aka, they’re harder to lose), all the better.

But you child-less people? Markers are likely not a part of your day-to-day life.

And yet, there will come a time when you, an adult who does not spend time drawing and coloring space rangers or princesses, will need markers.

Maybe you’re going to a sporting event and want to bring a sign to get on the Jumbotron. Or maybe your friend is running a marathon, and you want to show up and give them a little motivation. Or maybe you want to use a little color to lighten the aggressive tone of the note you’re going to pin up in the staff lounge reminding your coworkers about basic shared fridge etiquette after almost two years of WFH.

Or hell, maybe you should be spending some time at night reconnecting with your inner child by drawing and coloring space ranger princesses, because that might save you from scrolling Instagram for three whole hours or watching twelve straight episodes of some reality show on Netflix that is designed in a lab to numb the part of your brain that you use to, like, think about stuff or feel things.

Point is, you’re gonna need some markers at some point. So why not get these ones? Like we said, they pack a lot of great colors, and they won’t roll away!

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