Sousvide Art Deluxe Precision Cooker Kit

  • Everything you need to do amazing sous vide cooking at home.
  • It’ll feel much less fancy once you really understand what’s involved.
  • Still DELICIOUS though.
  • Can it make a margarita? Oh, wow. Um…maybe?
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Say It With Us…


“Sous vide.”

It’s honestly way less fancy than it sounds.

Like…if you saw those words on the menu at some high end restaurant and didn’t know what it meant, you probably wouldn’t jump to the assumption that they were going to prepare your steak using a vacuum cleaner and a bucket of water.

And they’re not. (Technically.)

They probably have something like this.

But for a cooking method that sounds very fancy and French—sooooouus viiiiiiide—it has origins that aren’t particularly fancy or French.

NASA came up with it in the 70s for space food or whatever. Remember that shitty chalk-flavored space ice cream you’d get on field trips to the science museum when you were a kid? Similar idea.

But as is the American way, over the decades we managed to pivot from cutting-edge aerospace technology into moderately-priced consumer goods. The space nerds did the research, the marketing people just had to come up with an appropriately hoity-toity name.

Soooouus VIDE!

(Settle down, it’s not German.)

But the point here is that whether you’re into cutting-edge space technology or fancy French-sounding things, or maybe just rad kitchen gadgets that make your meat cook just right…today’s deal is for you.

Cooking this way delivers a reliably great result and is honestly a lot easier than you might think. Just buy the thing and follow the instructions.

Sous vide!

(It means “under vacuum” by the way.)

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