SnügMax Vickers-200 Pure Sine 222Wh/60000mAh Portable Power Station

  • Multiple outlets, USB ports (couple standard and one type-c), DC outs, the works
  • Seriously, this thing will charge your stuff, all of it
  • Good for camping trips and power outages
  • Model: 5NU6-UP
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More Than A Pinch

We sell a lot of stuff on Meh. Some of it is really good. Some of it is pretty good. Some of it is just okay. Then, on rare occasions (like no more than twice per week), we offer something that’s truly stupid.

But when it comes to power banks, we regularly deliver quality. Sure, you can side-eye our 2-for-$4 earbuds. And when we sell health supplements, it makes sense to be skeptical. But the power banks we put up are usually totally solid.

Only problem is most of them are in-a-pinch models. By which we mean, they’re for when you need your phone to be charged so you can call an Uber when you land. Or when your bus is stuck in traffic and your battery is in the red. Or when you just don’t want to get up and re-situate yourself awkwardly next to an outlet while finishing up a FaceTime call with an old friend.

This thing from SnügMax, on the other hand? It’s not just for when you’re in a pinch. No, it’s for that sunny sixty-eight-degree day when you say, “Screw working from home. I want to work from the park.” Or when you want to be able to update your fantasy basketball lineup all camping trip long. Or when there’s a power outage and you don’t want to go into full-blown triage mode with your various dying devices.

What we’re getting at is that this thing is powerful and versatile, with multiple USB ports (two standard, one type-c), AC outlets, and DC outs. Oh, and good. That’s another thing you should know: it’s really good.

And you don’t have to take our word for it either (even though you should). Nerd Techy gives it an 8.6 out of 10, saying:

So, is the SnügMax Vickers 200 a winner? In most respects, yes. To begin with, it’s built like a brick, with a crush-resistant design that can handle abuse. It’s also exceptionally safe. Pure sine AC power delivery is suitable for even the most sensitive electronic devices. And with a full suite of other protections, you don’t have to worry about your equipment getting damaged.

The Gadgeteer arrives at a similarly positive conclusion:

This is quite a handy little device. It’s nice to know I can charge my devices anywhere, and have an entire day or more of charge for my laptop. With mild use, probably a few days on the laptop. It is small enough to carry around and very easy to use. I was very pleased with the SnügMax Vickers 200!

And now comes the obligatory part where we mention the price. Because these places gave it all of this praise when it retailed for around $189.99. That’s over a hundred bucks more than our price today.

So grab yourself one, and know that you’ve always got a charge when you’re in a pinch… or something much bigger than a pinch.

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