Meh-rahthon: Two modest proposals

haydesigner went on a bit of a rant said

1. Keep the ICYMI part for an extra hour

I love the ICYMI part, as I don’t follow Meh-rathons as closely as I used to. In fact, sometimes I even forget a Meh-rathon is happening when I wake up, and don’t realize it until about, oh, 5 minutes before it ends and I am getting ready to see what Meh is selling for the next day. And five minutes is not nearly long enough to go through a loooong list of the earlier sales, let alone a chance to actually buy any of them. So keep it around for another 60 minutes to let us laggards scroll through and buy something.

(And in case it interests the powers-that-be at Meh, but not enough to do it for everyone, how about doing it as a perk for VMP/VIPs? )

2. Revise the Captcha

It was a nice attempt to stymie the bots, but it is only marginally less aggravating. How about this instead… compile a list of everyone who completes the captcha within, say, 30 seconds. Then out of that list, randomly pick however many IRKs go to the picks. For example, 36 out of the 167 that competed the Captcha would get an IRK. Seems like it’d be pretty easy to automate as well.

Yes, there’d be a lag on finding out if you got one or not, but it beats the frustration of never getting an IRK because whatever device you use sucks/lags/mocks you/whatever. And it democratizes the effort more while still rewarding those who are obsessively waiting for the IRKs to show up. In fact, it should have the positive effect of making MORE people watch the Meh-rathon more closely.

Thoughts, suggestions, improvements, French taunting?