Shark IZ531 PRO Cordless Stick Vacuum w/ Self-Cleaning PowerFins (Refurbished)

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Renege of the Sith

Have you ever heard the Tragedy of Darth Goofus the Very Unwise?

Goofus would take another stab at, in his words, “sticking it to the Jedi.” Ordering a crate full of Mynocks, he’d intended upon leaving it in the landing bay nearest to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. After checking on the cargo, however, he managed to sever a part of one with the lid of the crate. Not realizing this, he flew to the temple, only to find a small Mynock chewing through the power cables at the back of his vehicle. Abandoning ship, he Force leapt out of the driver’s seat and onto the ledge of a building nearby. The ship proceeded to careen downward and crash with a fiery explosion.

Out of the explosion then flew dozens of agitated, flaming Mynocks which would harass the local populace for several hours.

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