Roidmi F8 Storm Cordless Bagless 115-Air Watt Stick Vacuum Cleaner

  • A cool-looking, super light stick vacuum that’s comparable to similar Dysons
  • Does really well with large debris
  • Got a soft roller for hard floors and a regular roller for hard and soft floors
  • Really, this is good! And this price is good too!
  • Model: 5UCK5-T0-83-D38R15
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It Is Good

When we Googled “Roidmi brand pronunciation,” we were led to a Youtube video in Polish reviewing another of their products. In it, the reviewer delightfully pronounces “Roidmi” like “Rodney” if the n were replaced with an m.

We mention this because it’s important to make good first impressions. Roidmi doesn’t carry the same brand recognition as other behemoths in the sucking-stuff-off-the-floor industry like Dyson or Shark, and so if you’re only seeing the brand name for the first time, it’s almost impossible that you won’t separate it out into its two natural syllables: ‘roid’ and ‘mi.’ Pronounced aloud, it will sound like “roid me,” a request likely heard before bodybuilding exhibitions, whereas reading it as “roid mi” might invoke a Vietnamese sandwich that would be particularly popular among Tour de France competitors.

So, let’s just say “rod-mi,” and let’s also just say, heard of them or not, this vacuum is actually really good.

Of course, in cases such as this–when we can’t just point to the company logo and say, “See?”–we lean on the reviews. Like, for example, this delightful one by Thomas Ricker over on The Verge:

To begin, the F8 is thoughtfully designed, and it looks great. The build quality is superb and the operation is intuitive, though I did have to check the manual the first time I installed the dustbin. It’s also been a joy to use, not just by me but also by my wife. It’s actually caused us to seek out new opportunities to clean things we normally can’t be bothered with. These include things from cobwebs on hard-to-reach ceilings to dust on the window blinds to dirt in the nether regions of our beds. Surprisingly, it also helped unstick my ailing MacBook keyboard.

Seriously, it’s not just a good review; it’s actually a pretty funny read, so go check out the whole thing. Otherwise, if you’re looking for something a bit more straightforward and/or visual, there’s also this Youtube review that not only assesses the F8 Storm, but does so in comparison to the popular Dyson V8. Unfortunately, the reviewer did not get the memo about the more flattering pronunciation of Roidmi, but it’s still a very helpful video:

Too long, didn’t watch? Basically, the Roidmi stacks up very nicely and actually performs better with larger debris on carpets and hard floors, whereas the Dyson was slightly more successful at fishing out the real microscopic stuff from deep within a rug.

So if you’re looking to get something that’ll suck up all the dry Cheerios your kids drop everywhere, the Roidmi is for you! Whereas if you’ve got a dusty old carpet to clean, the Dyson might be a smart investment. Only, we’re not selling the Dyson. And the Roidmi still does pretty well. And we’re selling it for cheap.

In conclusion, buy this vacuum.

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