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Ray-Ban Rubber Havana Eyeglasses

  • Wild, exciting tortoise shell in front; understated sleek temples in the back.
  • Basically, the reverse eyewear mullet.
  • Can fit prescription lenses, but does not have prescription lenses in them already (obvs).
  • Model: R4Y-0F-516HT.
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Eyes On The Big Screen

So, the first thing we need to say is that these Ray Ban eye glasses obviously don’t have your prescription in them. Of course, they can be fitted with prescription lenses. But they don’t have to be.

Why, you ask, would anyone buy some frames and wear them with lenses that are neither tinted nor corrective?

Uhh, because, doy, they’re sexy-looking AF! Seriously, that tortoise shell? Those narrow, sleek temples? Oh, baby! And yet, they’re not too flashy, either. Like, they’re not huge and squares and made of baby-blue glitter-infused plastic. And don’t get us wrong: we like those kinds of glasses too, but they’re not for everyone.

In fact, it’s because of this–their simple, understated appeal–that you’ll often see these Ray Bans worn in some of the biggest hits in retinal cinema (or retinema, as it’s often called). We’re talking major motion picture like:

  • Bram Stoker’s Macula
  • Children of the Cornea
  • Contact(s)
  • Seven Samureye
  • A Few Good Lens
  • The Color Pupil
  • Cone-heads
  • Paul Blart: Mall Coptic Nerve
  • My(opia) Girl
  • Vishaun of the Dead
  • And many more!

So get your Ray Ban frames today and start looking like a star!

Also, if you’re considering a career in retinal cinema, we recommend starting out with a simple editing software, like EyeMovie.

(Sorry this is so stupid.)

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