Puleida 600W/518Wh Portable Power Station

  • 140,000mAh is a lot of mAh
  • Couple outlets, couple USB ports (with variable output), couple USB-C ports (with variable output), couple 12v ouputs
  • Get it for camping; keep it for power outages
  • Can it make a margarita: Not on its own, but combined with a blender, you could make a margarita miles from civilization
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Power Up

This is one of my favorite marketing graphics I’ve seen in a while.

First off, the immediate defining of “puppy weight” as being about 11 pounds is amazing. It’s like the image is realizing, in real-time, that this only vaguely catchy slogan actually doesn’t even make sense. (My guess: a team put this together, patted themselves on the back, and then, the day before release, someone at the company who owns a dachshund was like, “Hey, wait a minute. You realize puppy size is variable, right?”

But even weirder is this implication that you’d call this palm-sized. Like, I can technically hold a bowling ball with the palm of my upturned hand. Would you call a bowling ball palm-sized? Making it even funnier is the fact that this thing has a convenient, built-in handle on top of it!

In conclusion, the slogan should have been: Portable and Weighs (Slightly) Less Than A Pug.

Anyway, now that we’ve thoroughly mocked this one picture, we should say that this thing is pretty rad. It’s basically an enormous power bank with a whole bunch of plug-in ports. Everything from whole outlets to a couple USBs and USB-Cs and 12v outputs.

Use it for keeping your stuff charged while you’re camping. Use it in case of a major power outage. Hell, use it to plug in an electric griddle and make pancakes on the deck for no reason other than because you want to.

The point is, despite some questionable marketing choices, this thing is good. So buy it!

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