Presto Bento Electric Cooker

  • A cute little ramen cooker that’s perfect for the dorm or the office
  • Interior is non-stick, with different compartments for noodles, veggies, eggs, etc.
  • Comes with utensils for some reason
  • Is it Mac compatible: No, it doesn’t make mac & cheese, it makes ramen (although maybe it can make mac & cheese?)
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Bento Can You Go?

Here’s a hot take (or maybe it’s not; you tell us): whether or not a kitchen appliance is good has nothing to do with how useful it is; it is dictated solely by the cost.

Like, you love your Instant Pot and your air fryer, but how would you feel if they each cost $900? You’d be like, “Holy shit, I spent almost two grand on a couple things to make pulled pork and crispy Brussels sprouts respectively. What am I doing with my life?” Conversely, if you could buy a little electric non-stick griddle that was perfect for cooking just a single sunny-side-up egg, and it cost a dollar, you’d be like, “I can’t believe I spent my entire life using whole pans to fry these things! This is amazing!”

Now, today’s product is not an Instant Pot or an air fryer, nor is it a one-egg-at-a-time electric griddle. But it’s definitely a little closer to the latter in terms of utility. Here’s the Bento Cooker in its own words:

Enjoy the convenience of a dedicated ramen cooking space alongside a separate area for eggs or veggies, all in one compact unit.

There are other details to share–like how its compact size makes it perfect for dorm rooms and offices, or how its interior is nonstick, or how it comes with a vented cover (rad!) and utensils (lol!)–but at it’s core, it’s pretty simple: it’s a little ramen cooker.

(If, like me, you don’t totally understand what that means, here’s a review with a video that shows it in action.)

In other words, it’s not, like, the most versatile kitchen appliance there is. But people love it. In fact, it earns a rating of 4.4 out of 5 over on Amazon, based on more than 450 reviews. Why do they love it so much? Because it does what they ask it to do–make ramen (and some eggs [and some veggies and other stuff])–and they only paid about forty bucks for it.

Us? We’re not selling it for $40. We’re selling it for about $25.

Therefore, you will buy it and you will love it even more than the Amazon reviewers. Sorry, that’s just how this stuff works. We don’t make the rules.

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