Power To Go 12,000mAh Jumpstarter/Power Bank

  • These jump starters feature 12,000mAh and can put out 600CCA, which is enough to jump a 3 liter engine
  • And we’re selling them for $32…
  • Unless you want the leopard print one
  • You can have that one for thirty
  • Model: 3V3RYB0DY-JUMP
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Jump In Style

Somewhere, there is a man, pacing his living room, trying to figure out what he needs to do to complete his 2020 Halloween costume. Last year, his “sexy baggage handler” had been a disaster. “It’s not very sexy,” someone had said. “Every aspect must be sexy, or else can it truly be called sexy?” said another. This year, he has to do better. But his costume–sexy Triple-A rep–seems to be missing something…

Somewhere else, the leader of a safari is dealing with car trouble. The jeep is constantly breaking down, sometimes dangerously close to a group of leopards. What’s more? The leopards seem to be irritated by modern technology; when they see him step out with his regular, modern-looking jump starter, they rush at him with violence and hatred in their eyes. If only he could find a jump starter they could “trust”…

Somewhere else still, The Golden Kitty, renowned superhero, is seeing a dip in her crime-solving stats. It’s not that she’s losing her edge. No, in fact, it is the opposite. She is a victim of her own success. The more villains and purse-snatchers she brings to justice, the fewer there are on the street. Which is good, but the people are starting to forget about her. And yet she’s not about to release a bunch of evil geniuses just to get a little love. No, she’ll take on lesser issues, like cars that won’t start. But she can’t be too cavalier, stylistically. She’ll need something conforms to her feline theme…

And still somewhere else, someone shops on their favorite deal site. They see a range of prices, and without thinking, they choose the cheapest option…

For all of these people, the ultra compact leopard print jump starter will work just fine.

For everyone else, there’s a variety of other, less… uhhh… let’s say “visually intense” models to choose from for just $2 more.

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