Pick-Your-96-Pack: Nonni's Individually Wrapped Biscotti (12 boxes)

  • Tasty and legit
  • Individually wrapped (perfect for pocket biscotti)
  • You get damn near 100!
  • Why it works for Valentine’s Day: chocolate candy is so played out
  • Don’t forget the IRK!
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Matches Made In Retail — A Meh-rathon

Love is in the air. Buckle up for a weekend full of hand-picked deals on products with unironically romantic backstories. If it can’t be at the center of an old Hollywood meet cute, we ain’t selling it.

They both reached for the last biscotti on the little table at the charming bed and breakfast. Hands brushed one another, ever so slightly.

(They each pretended not to know there was 95 more over by the coffee.)

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