8-Pack: Kenn & Kitt Vet-Formulated Dog Treats

  • A screaming deal on eight packs of Kenn & Kitt dog treats. (Seriously. Do the math.)
  • Premium treats that, let’s face it, you’re probably not willing to buy for anything close to retail.
  • Your choice of great formations that promote dog health.
  • Wheat-free, no preservatives, and made in the USA
  • Can they make margaritas? No, but they can garnish one.
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Driving a Hard Bargain

“Thanks for the espresso. It’s always so nice here at the luxury car dealership.”

“What a weird way to phrase that. But yes, we do our best. Now you were interested in the sedan here?”

“I was, I was. But $90,000 is just…ouch. Can you do any better?”

“Well, I spoke to my manager and it sounds like we can get this all the way down to $89,500. At that price, you’ll be taking food out of my kids’ mouths, of course.”

“I’m more than okay with that. But can we do even better?”

“I tell you what. Give it like three months and these things are going to be piled up like dead Christmas trees the week after New Year’s. Keep an eye out online and you can grab this exact car for like $22,000, I’m not even kidding.”



And high-end other stuff, too.

Look…we like that there are really expensive, very nice things out there in the world. But the fact that stuff like this can retail for $20 a bag and we can STILL get them cheaply enough to hook you up with eight for $24? That’s just bananas. (If bananas retailed for thirty bucks a piece and then we sold them for a dollar a pound.)

We like Kenn & Kitt. We really do.

But man, there really ain’t no overpriced luxury consumables like pet-related overpriced luxury consumables. And even if you can’t just keep your eyes peeled for a great deal that gets you a fancy car or an exclusive watch or a private jet for pennies on the dollar, it turns out that you can do pretty damn well-scoring deals on super nice pet treats.

Now that we’ve established that we’ve found you a daily deal item that basically breaks the tenuous balance of luxury product supply and demand, let’s give at least a quick nod to why these were so pricy to begin with:

  • They have a fancy bag. Admit it. This dog treat bag is nicer than your dog treat bag. Adorable graphic design, too.
  • They’re made of good stuff. Some pet treats are mostly giraffe elbows and recycled cardboard. (Citation needed.) These are wheat free, contain no preservatives, and are made in the U.S.A. as opposed to at an offshore giraffe farm operating from an oil platform in international waters.
  • There’s a health component. Hip & joint. Digestion. Skin & Coat. You get the idea.
  • They’re delicious. We don’t know if dogs like them, but we can’t keep the office candy dish filled.

So probably don’t hold out for a good Mercedes priced like a bad Kia. And also don’t hold out for these to get any cheaper than we have them right now.

Just buy. It is time.

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