Pick-Your-2-Pack: Conair by Ivory Ella or Ful Backpacks

  • Five different backpacks to choose from, count ‘em, FIVE
  • But you need to choose two
  • All of them are over 16" with storage sleeves for laptops & tablets
  • Avalanche is good for hiking and camping too, has a reinforced bottom panel and durable fabric
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What’s In My Bag

A list of items you can probably put in a backpack:

Books that weigh more than your cat.

Countless writing utensils that drift to the bottom unless you put them in one of the small pockets or you have a separate pouch for them.

A laptop that you should probably have a case for but never bothered.

A bag lunch squished between your case-less laptop and your books heavier than your cat.

An old pack of snack crackers that has been tenderized by your laptop and books.

The crumbs that fell out of the old pack of snack crackers after your books and laptop burst the plastic wrapping.

An empty pack of gum that you finished but didn’t have a trash can nearby, so you stuck it back in your backpack thinking maybe you’d throw it out later but eventually just forgot about.

Several other trash items in a similar situation to the empty pack of gum.

Some clothes you just tossed in there.

Some clothes but more than if you had just tossed them in there because you actually took the time to fold them like an adult and conserve space.



An entire bidet.

A loaf of butter, a stick of milk, a quart of bread.

A bowling ball, to comically fall off the top shelf in the closet and hit a bungling robber on the foot and/or head, but they are okay because it’s either a cartoon or an installment of Home Alone.

Your phone, but probably not, because you’d rather have immediate access to it rather than rummage through a bag.

A flock of doves to release while performing street magic, a wedding ceremony, or as a distraction.

Two dozen eggs, as a prank.

A ski mask, a crowbar, and several gold bars.

Art supplies.

A severed head.

A pair of shoes.

Another backpack.

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