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Pick-Your-2-Pack Bandolino Charging Wristlets

  • It’s a cute little purse that can make your phone sing
  • By sing, we mean charge
  • 2000mAh hide within these stylish walls
  • RFID protection too
  • Model: SG50335B, the SG stands for “sour grapes,” which is what you’ll be if you have a dead phone
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The Great Bandolino

So this is not your card? But what about his one… BEHIND YOUR EAR!

[Applause from the audience]

Thank you, thank you. You can have a seat, ma’am.

For my next trick, I, the Great Bandolino, need only one thing: a phone…

[A smattering of volunteers hold up their phones]

BUT… not just any phone! No, friends the phone in question must be dead. Not low battery. Not half-charged. But completely, utterly, blank-facedly dead! Do I have a volunteer?

[A man in the first row presents his phone]

Thank you, sir. I will be sure to return it to you. But it will not be the same. No, through the power of magic, I will transform this dead phone into… A SLIGHTLY CHARGED PHONE!

[Mumbles of disappointment from the crowd]

All I must do is place it in this: a magical wristlet sold to me by a soothsayer on my travels around the world. I just need to… make sure… I put it in… right… with the… cable…

[Mumbles of disappointment grow louder]

Now, we must wait just… I don’t know… does ten minutes sound too long?

[Groans from the audience]

Oh, what? You wanted magic, didn’t you? Well, is not all of our modern technology magic in some way? Tell a person twenty years ago that you have a bag that can make a phone charge and they’d think you were a wizard!

[Booing from the audience]

Fine. Forget about it. Let me just get the phone out of-- huh, that’s funny. The phone’s gone! And in its place?

A den of saw scaled vipers!

[Audience shrieks in terror and rush to the exits as the snakes make their way from the stage]

That’s what you get for doubting the power of the Great Bandolino!

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