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Personal Protective Equipment and Ultraviolet Bundle

  • Two hygiene keys for opening two gross doors at once
  • A UV wristlet
  • 10-pack of KN95 masks for covering up your face
  • A stainless steel soap dispenser so you can get the clean goop cleanly
  • Some hand sanitizer pouches and some hand sanitizer
  • Plus, a 3000mAh power bank, because we are who we are
  • Model: 54N1T1Z3-4R3-W4TCH1N6-Y0U
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Clean and Collected

The fun thing about the deal-a-day model is that you never know what’s coming next. One day, it could be a bluetooth speaker. The next day, it could be Jim Beam coffee. The day after that, it could be a sheet set.

Every day, you wake up, you check the site, and you ask ‘do I need this?’ Or ‘Do I want this?’ Or ‘Given how cheap it is, should I just get this?’ It’s like a game! A simple, slow, and somewhat boring game that ends with a house full of random junk. But a game nonetheless!

Recently, you might’ve noticed, we’ve been selling a bunch of stuff related to staying safe and sanitary. Which makes sense given… you know, everything.

Only, we’ve started to wonder, is this really the best way to sell this stuff? One piece at a time?

Let’s to go back to the aforementioned sheet set. Imagine how annoying it would be if we sold pillow cases one day, and then top sheets a week later, and then finally bottom sheets two months after that.

If you’re getting new sheets, you want all the sheets.

And if you’re getting stuff to keep clean and covered up, you want all that stuff too. Otherwise, it gets annoying to remember what you have, what you just ordered, what’s in transit, and what you still need at the store.

With all that stuff to keep track of, is it really worth it to save a few bucks? It’s like buying a sheet pan and a whisk at the supermarket; sure, you could probably find it cheaper at the box store down the street, but sometimes you just want to make one trip and be done with it.

Well, this is that. It’s one trip. You tap the buy button and for $39 you get a couple hygiene keys for opening doors and stuff without touching them, a UV wristlet, a 10-pack of masks, a stainless steel soap dispenser, some hand sanitizer pouches, some hand sanitizer to put in those pouches, and a Mophie power bank.

Why a power bank? Uh, so you can charge up without having to camp out by the outlet in a food court if your phone dies when you’re running errands… or something?

Look, we just have a bunch of power banks, okay? Anyway, it doesn’t matter. It’s helpful. Just like all this stuff!

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