Pacific Pearls Coin Pearl & Leaf Earrings & Necklace Gift Set in 18K Gold

  • The coin pearls are natural, so each one is a little different than the last
  • 18K Gold filled adjustable bolo chain and clasp
  • The leaves are actual leaves that’ve been dipped in Gold
  • This means there’s some variety in size
  • A great, nicely priced Mother’s Day gift!
  • Is it available in Georgia Red: absolutely not, because these gift sets have something called CLASS
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Unique (Actually)

Friends, it is our solemn duty to remind you that Mother’s Day is fast approaching.

Of course, some of you are good children and have been prepared for weeks if not months now. A dinner reservation has been made, a gift has been acquired and wrapped, and a recipe for frittata has been bookmarked so you can be ready to make that breakfast-in-bed as soon as the sun rises on May 8th.

Great work!

For the rest of you, we have a simple message: don’t panic. Because we have a unique and affordable Mother’s Day gift on offer today.

Now there’s a word you, ironically, see quite a lot when you’re looking for potential mom gifts: unique. In the arena of commerce, it’s come to take on a meaning synonymous with “wacky” or “interesting.”

These Pacific Pearls sets–consisting of earrings and a necklace, each featuring coin pearls and gold-dipped leaves–would fit that definition. After all, they’re not some perfectly symmetrical, almost brutalist-looking arrangement of diamonds. They’re a little bit funkier, quirkier, a bit more fun, a bit more… well… unique.

But here’s the thing, they actually fit the real definition of “unique” as well. We mean the one at the top of the Merriam-Webster dictionary listing for the word:

Being the only one

We know what you must be thinking: Meh, you fools! You have a thing at the bottom of the page telling us exactly how many units you’ve moved! How can you possibly say there’s only one of these??

Well, there’s not. There are many of them. BUT, given that each coin pearl is natural, every single one of them is at least a little different from the last. And same goes for the leaves, by the way: they’re actual leaves, taken from nature, and dipped in gold.

In other words, these aren’t just great and (very literally) unique gifts; They’re also good conversation pieces. But most importantly, they’re something to hand mom on Mother’s Day to let her know that she’s loved.

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