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Olympia USA Gulliver 3-Piece Hardside Spinner Luggage Set

  • PC/ABS mixture means they’re durable and won’t dent yet still lightweight
  • Three pieces of various sizes
  • It’s hard to find good luggage for under $150
  • Can they make a margarita: No but you can take them on a trip to sample margs in Mexico
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Driving A Hard Bag Bargain

Here’s how it goes: you have luggage, but then, eventually, it breaks. Maybe it’s the zipper. Maybe it’s one of the wheels. Maybe it gets torn. Whatever. Point is, it’s probably something that’s not worth paying to fix. So it’s time to buy some new luggage.

Only, then you start shopping and you remember, damn, luggage is fucking expensive!

Which is why it’s a good idea to buy this set right now. For starters, at under $150 for three pieces, it’s pretty affordable. Then, you’ve got the construction. Built using a PC/ABS mixture, it’s durable and resistant to denting, yet lightweight. In other words, you get peace of mind that the bags will last a long time (and that the stuff inside the bags will be safe) without sacrificing maneuverability.

Basically, all this adds up to is saving money on three levels: 1. on the initial investment (because of the low cost); 2. on the continued investment (because of the durability); and 3. by limiting potential loss of items inside (again, because of the durability).

That means, you can get this set and still have plenty of cash left over to make their first trip a luxury vacation! You could go to a nice resort, for example, or on a fancy cruise. Or hell, you could even just bum around one of the luxury cities right here in the United States. You know, places like:

  • Caviarlington, TX
  • Diorlando, FL
  • Truffle-o, NY
  • Denversace, CO
  • Saint Louis Vuitton, MO
  • Okla-Second-homa City, OK
  • Charlyacht, NC
  • Ritzburgh, PA
  • Champagne, IL
  • Saffroncisco, CA
  • Rolexington, KY

Yes, yes, we know. These puns are very stupid. But these bags are very solid. And we mean that in the literal sense, like they’re hard-sided, and also like: they’re a very solid purchase. So go ahead and buy them, please.

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