Odyssey Toys Stem Build Your Own Truck Kit

  • Can be a dump truck, a crane, or a cement mixer
  • Comes with a power drill and a screwdriver (but, like, toys) for putting the truck together
  • Teach your kids the skills they’ll need to construct their Ikea desk TODAY!
  • Can it make a margarita: no, unfortunately, there is no margarita attachment at this time
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Build and Build Again

Kids love to build stuff.

Leave a kid alone with a pile of pillows and blankets and it becomes a fort. Or give a kid a shovel to bring out to the sledding hill, and they will construct a jump that would leave you, a brittle-boned adult, in need of serious chiropractic attention after going over it just once.

Seriously, think about all the toy fads that you’ve experienced in all your years on this earth. Tomagatchis. Tickle-Me Elmos. Beanie Babies. Chia Pets. Pet Rocks. New toys hit the market in November, burn bright, and then get forgotten well before February’s over. And through it all, Lego remains steadfast, making very few changes to the fundamentals of how they work. Because, again, kids love to build stuff.

But kids also like some toys that offer few engineering challenges.

Babies to rock to sleep. Action figures to perform death-defying stunts down the stairs. Toy cars and trucks to go vroom-vroom all around the living room floor when it’s too rainy (or the air quality is too crummy) to go outside.

Today’s product offers a little bit of column A, a little bit of column B. Your kiddo gets a toy that comes with its own (totally safe) power drill and screwdriver, as well as a number of kits to customize the body. It can be a dump truck, a crane, or a cement mixer, depending on what attachment your kid decides to put on. They can learn how screws work and experience a true sense of accomplishment. In this way, it might be the perfect bridge toy between basic blocks and your more complicated stuff, like Erector Sets.

But also, when the truck is constructed, it’s vroom-vroom time, baby!

If your kid wants to spend hours upon hours breaking it down and rebuilding it, rad. And if your kid wants to put a new kit on once a week and otherwise treat it like another RC car, also rad. And if your kid wants to ignore the truck entirely and use the tools to play handyman around the house, that’s rad as well.

In conclusion, this thing is rad. And cheap too.

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