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Ninja 1000-Watt Instant Multi-Cooker w/ 6 QT Ceramic Coated Pot & Steam Rack

  • It’ll pressure cook; it’ll slow cook; it’ll sear; it’ll sauté; it’ll keep stuff warm.
  • Ahem… it’ll keep SIX QUARTS of stuff warm!
  • Really, it’s just a good big all-around cooker from a good brand, so…
  • Model: PC101, which also sounds like a computer class you’d enroll your grandparents in.
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We'll See You In Quart

The features are what you’d expect, more or less. That’s not bad. In fact it, it’s good. This Ninja will do everything you want it to do: it’ll pressure cook; it’ll slow cook; it’ll steam, sear, and sauté; and it’ll keep stuff warm. And it’s passed rigorous safety tests too. All great stuff.

What’s wild is this part: it has a 6 quart capacity!



Seriously, that’s enough cooking space to make so much rice that you’ll be able to fry some of it, serve some of it as a side, make some of it into rice pudding, and still be, “Fuck, what do I do with the rest of this fucking rice?”

That’s enough space to make your famous find-the-ladle stew, which is any stew you want, as long as there’s enough of it so that the ladle–when left in it, propped up against the side of the ceramic-coated nonstick pot–will slide down, submerge itself, and need to be fished out with a second ladle.

It’s enough room to make so much pulled pork that were the bus of the 20+ member orchestral pop group, The Polyphonic Spree, to break down outside of your house, you could be like, “Fellas! You just worry about that bus getting back up and running! I’ll deal with dinner!” And when at least 7 of them refuse on the grounds of ethical farming or something, that’s no problem either, because it just means you’ll have leftovers for lunch the next day. And the day after that. And the day after THAT!

Okay, the last one there might be a stretch… but still, point is: this thing can cook, and this thing can cook A LOT! (Although we should note that the benefit of having a 6 quart cooker is that you don’t always have to make 6 quarts of stuff, but you can if you need to.)

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