Sweet Defeat Anti-Sugar Mega Bundle (128x Gum, 60x Lozenge, 6x Sprays)

  • This stuff is usually wildly pricey
  • But not today!
  • What it does is take sweet stuff and make it taste gross, thus curbing your intake of sweets
  • Some good places for more info: here, here, and here
  • Model: 5W33T-F34T
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Hey all! Just wanted to let you know that while we’ve got a good deal on Sweet Defeat today, it’s also Woot’s birthday!

Now, we don’t just mention this because Woot is the site a lot of us here got our start, including yours truly.

Seriously I’d never even known there was such a thing as a blue light toothbrush sanitizer (let alone written about one) until I got my job over there! And now look at me! I’m… well… doing mostly the same thing, and for what is almost definitely a less-trafficked eCommerce site.

Wow, so this is it, huh? It’s not just an episode; it’s my whole life, isn’t it?

Wait, what was I saying?

Oh, right. We’re not sending you over to Woot just to be cordial. No, we’re connoisseurs of the cheap over here, and given that it’s their birthday, they’re probably serving up some solid deals.

After all, if someone tells you, “Hey, come over! It’s my birthday!” and another person just says, “Hey come over,” who are you going to choose to visit? The first one, right? Because that one is inviting you to a party, whereas the second person is maybe slyly trying to get help moving a couch.

Us? We’re not trying to move a couch. We’re trying to move some Sweet Defeat. The first time we sold it, we had a lot more to say. TL;DR: it’s stuff that helps you cut down on the sweets by making sweets taste terrible. Just use whatever method you choose (gum, lozenge, or spray), and next time you try to eat a candy bar, it’ll taste like ass, thus making you think: hey, maybe I don’t need a second one of these.

Anyway, that’s what we’ve got to offer. Buy it if you want it. But again, maybe check out what sweet birthday promotions Woot’s offering before you blow all of your fourteen dollars here!

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