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MOTA JetJat Drones

  • The Nano is your standard nano drone: it can fly for 6-8 minutes and has range of 250ft.
  • The Nano-C only has a range of 100ft and a flight time of 3-4 minutes. But it can take photos & videos.
  • The Ultra can fly for 5-6 minutes with a range of 100ft and it can livestream the whole thing. Uh, overshare much, Ultra drone?
  • The Meh button is what you press if you don’t want any of these drones. It can’t fly at all. It’s a bunch of pixels. Seriously, why do you people love it so much? It sucks.
  • Model: JJ-NAN-R-F, JJ-NANC-K, JJ-ULTRA-K. The R-F stands for “reasonable, fine” because that’s the basic one. The “C-K” stands for “cool, kinda” because that’s the one with only a camera. The K stands for “Kan-you-believe-how-many-features-this-has?” because that’s the ultra one
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You N'er Know When You'll Need A Nano

Ah, one of those dreaded choose-a-model sales. Which one do you want? The choices are so overwhelming, aren’t they? But maybe not in this case. There’s the basic Nano drone, there’s the Nano-C drone with a camera that takes pictures & video, and there’s the Ultra which can stream that video to your phone via wifi in realtime.

The common thread here: they’re all nano drones, which means you should buy the simplest one. After all, what are you doing with a nano drone other than seeing if you enjoy the drone lifestyle enough to buy a real drone, right?

Actually, not necessarily. Is the Jack Russell an introductory dog? Is the short story an introductory form of literature? Is the slider relegated to some introductory category of a meal? Uh, okay, let’s actually strike that last one. Point is, just because something is smaller doesn’t mean it’s “the first step” towards getting a bigger thing. You might not want a full-sized drone. A nano drone might be just what you’re looking for. So maybe get the Nano-C, because it would be a bummer if you got the basic Nano and then realized you loved it and wanted to use it to take pictures.

The Ultra, though? You don’t need all those features!

Except, what if you get something stuck in a tree? And you can’t see it from the ground? Do you want to fly your Nano-C up there, take some video, land it, check the pictures on your computer, and repeat until you find what you’re looking for? No way! You want real-time video of that tree, dammit! We’re talking eyes in the sky here!

And what if you want to document this rescue mission from outside? As in, take some pictures to remember it by? Then you need the Nano-C drone for taking pictures of the Ultra nano drone. But you probably want to practice just flying a drone before you try doing something as complicated as that, so you need the Nano. In fact, that’s what’s in the tree, isn’t it?! You wanted to see if you could navigate the branches in case something got stuck up there, and you didn’t want to use one of your more valuable drones, so you used the basic Nano drone, and it snagged on something!

So now you’re using the other drones to get it down, but that’s a terrible idea. Clearly you shouldn’t be flying your drones near the branches like that! Clearly they will also get stuck, and then what?

You use your backup set of drones! And why not a have a backup set for the backup set? In conclusion, you should buy three of each drone.

No, we will not be taking follow-up questions.

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