Miko Foot Massager Machine with Acupressure Technology

  • Acupressure nodes knock those pressure points, hard to melt stress, and reenergize your body
  • For even more stress relief, turn up the HEAT
  • Portable, compact, and good for neuropathy
  • For feet up to a men’s 10.5
  • Model: MMF-01C, cuz you’ll say, “It feels so good for My Monstrous Feet!”
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Pretend We're Better

Ah, November. A strange time for us here at Meh. A time of transition. The rest of the year? We’re a site that sells fun but slightly embarrassing products for stupidly cheap prices to people who are willing to take a bit of a gamble on something. Which is great. Only, it makes things a little awkward come now, holiday shopping time, when we have to try and convince you that, like, no, seriously, some of this stuff is good, actually, and you should totally buy it for your friends or family.

Luckily, for things like this Miko Foot Massager Machine with Acupressure Technology, we don’t have to convince you. Because we can let user reviews do it for us.

Head over to what many call “the other shopping site,” aka Amazon, and you’ll see this bad boy boasts a hearty 4.4 out of 5 stars . And yes, that’s based on 45 reviews which, fair enough, is not a ton. It’s not, say, 500 or 2000 or anything. But it’s better than, say, 5, where one very positive or negative review can greatly tip the scales.

What’s especially nice is that some of the reviewers give candid, thorough endorsements. Like Manny:

Very effective foot massager. I work 60 hours a week cooking, so I’m always on my feet and always walking. After using for 2 consecutive sessions at the end of the week, my feet (for the most part, more on that later) feel brand new. Some weeks I may need a third session, but I’ve noticed good improvements even after a short 15 minutes (each session is 15 minutes long).

Btw, the “more on that later” part is that it’s a bit tight for bigger feet, which is a complaint we see echoed in other reviews. That being said, Miko openly admits that its product is designed to accommodate feet up to a men’s 10.5.

So if you have feet smaller than a men’s 10.5, like Jim B presumably has, you’re in business:

At the start of “shelter-in-place”, since I couldn’t go to the gym, I thought I’d start jogging after a 15 absence from that sport. Days 1-4 went just fine, then on day 5 when my feet hit the floor in the morning the pain was excruciating! I hobbled around the neighborhood for a few weeks as my dog still needed his morning walks. A neighbor loaned me this exact model, and I kid you not, even though I could only withstand about 3 minutes at first, by the end of a week, with using it multiple times a day, I was able to walk normally. I gave it back to her and bought my own. Love it!

Pretty good, eh? Now, as for the topic we started on–gift-giving–well, Derek Coward has something to say about that:

I bought this as a gift for someone and I immediately became a hero. This foot massager is easy to use and put a smile on her face. I would definitely recommend this.

See? It is a great gift! So this holiday season, get that special someone a Miko foot massager! Or, to put it differently: be a Coward!

Hmm. Actually, you know what? Let’s go with: be a Derek. Yeah, that sounds better.

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