3-Pack: Men's Cotton Flex Stretch Cargo Shorts With Belt

  • Shorts season is approaching fast
  • In fact, it might already be here
  • These have flex, no stiff shorts here
  • 2 side pockets, 2 back pockets, and 2 cargo pockets for 6 total
  • Note: For a generous loose fit, buy 1 size up (Size Chart)
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What’s In My Pocket

“W-wait,” stammered Bilbo, surprised when his request was to some degree respected. “Maybe we can play a game first. Like the last time.”

“A game, precious?” whispered Sméagol with some degree of excitement.

“Right, with the riddles, if you recall?”

Gollum took over and leaned toward the hobbit. “Unfair, Baggins’s unfair.“

“But it was fun, yes?” he nodded, seeing a glimmer of recognition in the creature’s eyes, presumably from Sméagol.

“Fine, we will play its game again. Ask.”

“How about… my pocket?” started Bilbo hesitantly.

“Tricksy hobbit, we won’t fall for your filthy, false riddle this time. Go ahead, ask! Ask us again! We know the answer, Gollum!”

“I’m sure you do. Indeed, for what I’ll ask you this time is not what is in my pocket, but which pocket is it in?”

“Nasty Baggins, we won’t play that game again!” snapped Gollum.

Bilbo held his hands up defensively. “Hold on, now, let’s not be hasty. Besides, this one is much easier than my previous question.”

“What does it mean, precious?” asked Sméagol.

“What was in my pocket could’ve been anything. The answers were limitless. I will admit that was not quite fair of me.”

“It wasn’t!” yelled Gollum bitterly.

“I agree,” Bilbo said, mustering some enthusiasm, “So this time I’m giving you a question with far less options, out of fairness. Do you accept?”

“It is not a riddle!” whined Sméagol.

“How so?”

“Too random, precious,” the hunched creature snarled, “The hobbits’s riddle is too random to answer.” Sméagol added, “It could be any pocket.”

Bilbo held up a finger in acknowledgement. “Ah, but if I wanted it to be truly random, I would choose something I have no control over, like rain drops or fish in a stream.” He gestured to the nearby creek. “Here I have made a deliberate choice to place it in one of my pockets, and there is only one actual answer that can’t be changed!”

They took a moment, mulling the proposition over in their head with internal debate, before Gollum answered, “Fine, we will guess about the hobbits’s pockets again, precious.”

“Fantastic,” he replied with a somewhat shaky smile. He stood, and now in his standing position, it was clear that the game was not quite as fair as he’d led Gollum to believe. Turning in place, he showed off the strange, many-pocketed shorts he wore, adding to those on his jacket. “Now, as you can plainly see, I actually have eight pockets…”

“Rrr, tricksy. Too many,” Gollum coughed. “Too many pocketses. What could it use them all for…” wondered Sméagol aloud.

“And this brings us to the real question.” “Which pocket would I, Bilbo Baggins, have put it inside of?”

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