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Hey, Joe here, your friendly warehouse manager. Or, at least that was my position… until today. See, just a few moments ago I took on a new role. Some might say CEO. Some my say overlord. Either way, the point is: I’m in charge now!

You’re probably wondering, how does someone get promoted from warehouse manager straight to head honcho with no formal business training? Well, for starters, you see the stuff we sell around here, right? I sure do! And in the warehouse, I also see all the stuff we don’t sell. So let’s tap the breaks on the whole ‘business acumen being a job requirement’ thing.

But to answer the question: you don’t get promoted. You do some modifications on some drones, and you feed some Roombas the hair follicles you snatched from the executive restrooms, and next thing you know, you got a fine-tuned robot army primed to overthrow whoever you want.

But enough about that. I don’t want today to be grim. No sir. I want want to have some fun, share some great deals, and maybe pitch a few of my ideas for the future of Meh.

Oh, also: look out for some dolls. Seriously. I will be selling a number of my most beautiful dolls throughout the day.

So stick around, it should be interesting.

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