Meh Shirt in Red or Kelly Green

  • Covers your belly button
  • Fun Holiday Colors
  • Gives us some publicity
  • It’s a Win-Win for everyone
  • Shipping Note: It’s extremely likely you WILL NOT get this before the holidays, but hey there’s always next year…
  • Kelly Green also works for St. Patrick’s Day
  • Red also works for St. Valentine’s Day.
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A Hallmehrk Christmas Movie Meh-rathon

A couple weeks ago, we asked for your help with a Mad Libs project. Little did you know, you’d be helping us with our very first Hallmehrk Christmas Movie Meh-rathon! Check out what’s coming up next:

Estelle is the socialite heir to a Meh shirt fortune worth twenty-four bucks. The only thing standing between her and her inheritance is a Christmas trip to idyllic Hohocus, New Jersey, where an encounter with a handsome stable-boy who spends his free time fishing nickels out of the mall fountain just might uproot her big city dreams in… A Very Prickly Christmas.

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