Meh Ghost Shirt

  • Beware of this shirt
  • Wait, we mean: be wearer of this shirt
  • Model: FR3D-T33-KRU363R
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It's A Monster Mehsh: A Very Haunted Meh-rathon

Car trouble on the way to the party? On Halloween night? No cell service? And only a single house looming in the distance? This is how horror movies start, you think. But still you trudge towards the front door, stopping only when you see something, hanging on the door knob.

On closer inspection, you find that it’s a shirt. Only a shirt. And yet, why does it feel so ghostly? Is it something about the material, perhaps, something faint and ethereal woven into its fabric? Or is it, you know, the ghost design printed on it?

You don’t know. All you know is that it’s starting to rain. So, without even knocking, you try the door. It opens and you go inside.

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