Masque Bar Exfoliating & Moisturizing Foot Mask Treatment Bundle

  • 2 pairs of exfoliating masks and 4 pairs of moisturizing masks for your feet
  • A decadently silly process that feels nice
  • You do you, boo
  • Model: F00T-G00
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It's Not About How It Looks

Howard Hughes used to walk around with tissue boxes for shoes.

We’re not trying to say anything in particular with that, other than that this foot mask treatment isn’t the dumbest looking thing to ever go on feet.

It’s close, though. We acknowledge that it’s close.

Also “foot mask” seems like kind of a stretch, terminology-wise. If this is a moisturizing foot mask, is a sock just a different, non-moisturizing foot mask? Is masking tape not meant for wrapping around your face? Could the man in the iron mask really have just been wearing one really heavy loafer?

So many questions. So little reason to think about any of them.

Today’s deal is a luxurious foot treatment bundle for your foot skin. And while it’s tempting to talk about this like some sort of outlier product that looks very silly but is actually quite awesome, let’s have a reality check.

EVERYTHING looks stupid.

That flavored milkshake that you call an espresso drink in the giant plastic cup looks stupid. You might as well be sucking from a twisty straw in a ball pit. Stop pretending to be a sophisticated adult drinking coffee.

That spin class might make you feel like a badass, but you look like the old lady on the bike from The Wizard of Oz during the tornado scene. (Dee-de-de-de-dee-deeeeee…)

This really wasn’t supposed to be this cynical. Real quick though:

Smartwatches look stupid, a luxury sports sedan makes you look like an asshole and is probably right, wearing anything more formal than business casual to something other than a wedding or a funeral makes you look like a kid playing dress-up, name brand sunglasses are preposterous, and anything ever posted on Twitter is first and foremost a desperate plea for attention.

Sorry. Moving on.


Okay, really moving on.

The point here isn’t that all of this stuff is bad. The point is that wearing a bag of moisturizing goo on your feet isn’t any worse than anything else.

We all like what we like and we probably shouldn’t worry too much about it.

So grab today’s deal and own the goofy excess of it all. You’ve probably earned it.

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