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Pick-Your-2-Pack: Marc New York Performance Velvet Leggings

  • Kim Kardashian wore them once
  • Now, you can wear them more than once
  • ‘Velvet Workout’ is the name of my synth pop band
  • Model: No, I’m sorry, I don’t have the figure to model these
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Smooth As Velvet! (Because They're Velvet)

Last year, Kim Kardashian wore a pair of velvet leggings for an appearance on Kimmel. This led People Magazine to predict that they’d be a fashion trend of 2019:

More stylish than practical? Maybe. But trust us when we say, we will be wearing these babies all year long — whether it’s to the gym or just shopping around town.

The claim that you’ll be “wearing these babies all year long” seems a little dubious, at least to us, considering it’s October and we have yet to see a single pair of them worn in the wild. But friends, there is still time! We have but two months and change to get this breakout fashion trend of 2019… uh… trending!

But this also made us wonder, what fitness (or fitness-adjacent fashion) craze will we see in 2020? Some thoughts:

  • Hatchet catching?

  • Yoga with baby goats but it’s actually crossfit with hungry wolves?

  • Pilates while plating lattes?

  • Running marathons in Skidz?

  • Recovery tea showers followed by a hot coffee massage?

  • Wearing headbands but on your thigh?

  • Cycling with a boom box on your shoulder, blasting ska music?

  • Sexy curling?

Those are just a few of our predictions. But again, that’s the future. If you want to live in the now, get these velvet leggings!

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