Makeover Essentials MEGA Bundle

  • It’s all the essentials for putting things on your face to make yourself look pretty
  • (Results may vary)
  • Lipsticks, mascara, liner, primer, eyeshadows, blush, bronzer, mirrors, brushes, holy water, duct tape, soldering iron
  • All conveniently in super portable cases
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Shades of Regret

…and so, the Traveler came upon the entrance to the underworld and felt many presences swirl around him through the fallen leaves of Autumn. The Traveler felt the gaze of many eyes upon him, from the shadows of the trees and upon the ancient stones of the entryway that lay before him. He could almost see them, blinking, floating curiously all around him, almost like some sort of… eyeshadows. Yes, that was what they were. Traveling eyeshadows.

While somewhat unnerving, the eyeshadows did nothing to hinder his journey. They merely watched.

Yet upon reaching the old and rotted wooden gate, held together only by rough iron bands and disuse, the Traveler was beset by figures that peeled themselves from the shadows on the walls. The Traveler recognized them to be shades of the underworld, described in the ancient texts he translated to find this place.

They weren’t exactly… shades, however. Or at least, not quite shadows? Like, you expect shadows to be shades of grey and black, but these were different. Nice shades of rouge and beige.

“You aren’t what I expected,” said the Traveler.

The shades looked at each other, shrugged, and one of them replied, “Hell of a way to greet somebody.”

The Traveler rocked back and forth on his feet. “Sorry, it’s just that when you hear about shades, you expect something shady, I guess. Like, shadows, you know?”

“No, but colors have shades, right? A shade can reasonably be a shade of blue, or red!”

Another of the shades called out from the back, “Or chartreuse!” The others nodded sagely in agreement, a couple cheered.

“I mean, I guess?” the Traveler hesitantly admitted.

The first shade spoke again. “Whatever, you’re here and you know us. Therefore, you know what you need to do.”

The Traveler reached into his satchel and pulled out a bronze ingot. He held it out to the shade.

“The hell is this?”

“It’s bronze.”

“Why would I want a bronze bar? I can’t even pick it up.”

“The text says-“

“The text said bronzer, not bronze, you dolt!”

“Oh. Well, I’ll… be back.”

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