Libratone Zipp & Zipp 2 360° WiFi Multi-Room Speakers with Airplay 2 & Alexa

  • The Zipps are a little more powerful (100W vs 80W)
  • The Minis are a little more portable (8.8" tall vs 10.3" tall)
  • The Zipp 2s & Mini 2’s have far-field mics and built-in Amazon-Certified Alexa; the original Zipps do not
  • The Zipps can connect up to 6 speakers, the Zipp 2’s up to 10
  • All have rich 360 degree sound and can connect via WiFi or Bluetooth
  • They’re very well reviewed, and usually a lot more expensive
  • Model: L18R4-T0NY-T0N1-T0N3
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Resolution Rock

Here’s one issue with the deal-a-day model: every now and then you offer something good, and you say, ‘hey, this thing is really good.’ But then, a few weeks later, you offer the newer, flashier version of that thing, and you have to say, ‘hey, you know that thing we sold last time? This is more money, but it’s better.’ And there’s bound to be someone out there who says, ‘Well, heck, if I had known you were going to sell the better version of the thing, I wouldn’t have bought the first thing!’

Which is why, today, we’re just put all our cards on the table. And by cards, we mean Libratone Zipps. With this sale, you can have your pick of all the Libratone Zipps we have on hand. There’s the original Zipp, the original Zipp mini, the Zipp 2, and the Zipp 2 mini.

Here are the basic facts:

  1. The full-sized Zipps are going to be a bit larger than the Minis. They’re also going to have higher wattage, a bigger woofer, and more tweeters. But they’re not quite as portable.

  2. The difference between the Zipp (regular or Mini) and the Zipp 2 (regular or Mini) is that Zipp 2 has a far field mic and Alexa built-in. In other words, if you’re looking for a smart speaker, go Zipp 2. If you’re looking for just a speaker, go with the original.

  3. They are all very good and get great reviews. They all have super crisp 360 degree sound. They can all connect via wifi (for flawless pairing in the house) or bluetooth (for when you’re beyond the reach of the router). They all look cool and come in fun colors. They are all Dutch.

And regardless of which option you go with, now is the perfect time to buy one, right before we start a New Year. Because you’ll get a great speaker to listen to all that resolution rock you’ll be blasting in early 2021. We’re talking such betterment-inspiring artists as:

  • Sound Start-a-Garden
  • Less Alco-Hall & Oates
  • Billy Corriganize The Garage
  • Tom Lose Some Waits
  • Janelle Save Some Monáey
  • Jimmy Eat Salads
  • Dr. Jog
  • Meditates of State
  • Nat Quit Smo-King Cole
  • Tim McGrow Emotionally

Okay, these are some of the worst puns we’ve ever made. And that’s saying something. But these speakers? They’re some of the best we’ve ever sold. So if you ask us, it all evens out.

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