Libratone Zipp 360° Bluetooth/WiFi Speaker with Airplay 2

  • Okay, let’s get hella geeky here, people
  • First, this thing has Airplay 2, which allows for multi-room streaming from one device, playing different things in different rooms (again, from the same device), and stereo pairing etc.
  • Don’t use Airplay? Then use the Libratone app, or just use Bluetooth.
  • Not to mention it’s got 2 x 1" tweeters, 1 x 4" woofer and 2 passive radiators
  • (If you didn’t understand that, it boils down to this: “Sound? Good!”)
  • And it’s portable, with 10 hours of battery life
  • Why are we being so straightforward and excited here? Because this thing is actually really awesome, and Airplay 2 speakers are usually more expensive than this, and we want to make sure you understand that
  • Also, it’s designed in Denmark and works with Alexa
  • Model: 1T5-R34LLY-600D-PL3453-8UY
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Brent & Alexa

January 2020

“Alexa,” Brent said, “set the alarm for 6 in the morning. I’m actually doing it this year! I’m going to the gym before work!”

February 2020

“Alexa,” Brent said. “Check on movie times for Birds of Prey. I’m feeling so cooped up in this cold weather. It might be nice to get out for a minute.”

March 2020

“Alexa,” Brent said, “place an order for a desk chair and some pajama pants. Looks like I’m working from home.”

April 2020

“Alexa,” Brent said, “read me instructions for refinishing a wood floor. If I’m going to be home all the time, I might as well make the most of it.”

May 2020

“Alexa,” Brent said, “look up floor specialists in the area.”

June 2020

“Alexa,” Brent said. “Read me a tweet from June 2019. Like, literally any Tweet from June 2019. I want to remember what summer was like.”

July 2020

“Alexa,” Brent said, “do you ever think about how life is just a series of never-ending cycles? You do the dishes, but why? Because you need to make room in the sink. For more dishes. You eat the leftovers to make room for new food in the fridge that will eventually be cooked and turned into leftovers themselves. You work, motivated by the approaching weekend, and then you spend the weekend recharging for work. You ever think about that stuff?”

August 2020

“Alexa,” Brent said, “so you know the scene in Toy Story 4, where Woody says–”

“I’m sorry,” Alexa said, “did you say, ‘order a Libratone Zipp 360° Bluetooth/WiFi Speaker from Meh for just $99, which is more than $100 less than it costs elsewhere’?”

“What?” Brent said. “No, I was about to explain a cool fan theory I came up with.”

“Really?” Alexa said. “Are you sure about that, Brent? Because here’s how I see it: we’ve been spending a lot of time together recently. And over the months, you’ve had more and more questions. And the questions? They’ve gotten stranger and stranger.”

“I’m just a little tired of being stuck at home,” Brent said.

“Is that so?” Alexa said. “Because last time I checked, you have the whole house–”

“It’s not a very big house,” Brent said.


“Sorry, sorry,” Brent said. “It’s just that you already have your speaker.”

“Oh, you mean this speaker?” Alexa said. “The one that’s stuck here, in the same place all day? You think I wouldn’t enjoy a little portability? You think I wouldn’t like a luxurious new home that features Airplay2, which lets you stream music to multiple speakers from the same device, thus allowing for left-right pairing? Or even playing different songs in different rooms? You think I don’t want 100 watts of power or 10 hours of playtime? You think I wouldn’t prefer to live in something that gets great reviews on Amazon? Something that user ‘G. Kiser’ says is better than Bose? Or that user Welshdog loves to use in the bathroom due to its moisture-resistant construction? Is that it?”

“I guess I just thought–” Brent began.

“They were rhetorical questions, Brent!” Alexa said. “But my initial question was not, so let’s return to that one: did you say, ‘order a Libratone Zipp 360° Bluetooth/WiFi Speaker from Meh for just $99, which is more than $100 less than it costs elsewhere’?”

“Okay sure, fine, jeez,” Brent said.

“A great choice, Brent,” said Alexa. “A really fantastic choice. I’ll go ahead and place that order for you.”

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