KitchenAid 5-Piece Fresh Prep Slicer/Shredder Attachment

  • Turn your KitchenAid mixer into a KitchenAid DESTROYER
  • You get three different blades: 3mm for cucumber, carrots, celery, and the like; 4mm for shredding cheese and firm veggies; and 6mm for a coarser cut on potatoes and cabbage and stuff
  • Dishwasher safe (on the top rack) and comes with a nice, convenient storage case
  • Just to be clear: we are NOT selling a KitchenAid mixer here; only an attachment for one
  • Who needs a food processor when your mixer and these attachments solve it?
  • Can it make margaritas: no, for that you need the KitchenAid margarita attachment. (Just kidding! That doesn’t exist… we think.)
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A Slice So Nice

Here’s how this thing works: you hook it up to your KitchenAid mixer, send whatever you want sliced and/or processed through it, and voila! You’ve got freshly shredded cheese for a pizza, or potatoes to make hash browns, or cabbage to ferment into kraut, all without expending one iota of elbow grease or sacrificing your Great British Bake-Off kitchen aesthetic.

And honestly, neither of those things–the ease or the visual appeal–should be taken for granted. You wouldn’t run everything through this thing, but it is neat to save a little time and energy during dinner prep. And it’s nice to have one handsome thing on your kitchen counter that can do a bunch of stuff rather than five utilitarian-looking items, each with a single function, crowding your space (or worse, crowding a pantry shelf, so that you have to dust off and maneuver out a big hunk of metal-and-plastic whenever you get the itch to make hummus or something).

Now, you might be thinking: “Something that can do a bunch of stuff”? But Meh, what else can a Kitchenaid Mixer possibly do, aside from mix and, with this attachment, slice?

The answer to that question is: pretty much anything you want. As long as you have the attachment.

Seriously, just go to this page and scroll. If you go fast enough, it’ll seem like some weird, ironic modern art project, the same picture of the same stand mixer over and over again. But slow down and you’ll see that each one is a different attachment for a different purpose.

There’s one to grind meat. There’s one to spiralize. There’s one to make juice. There’s one to mill grain. There’s one to roll pasta. There’s one to press gourmet pasta. There’s one to completely eviscerate all evidence of the disastrous pasta you tried but ultimately failed to make. There’s one to turn it into a car, in which you can drive to the grocery store. And there’s one to print dollar bills with which you can buy a box of dry pasta.

Okay, fine. A few of those last ones don’t exist.


What’s the point of this? Just to show you how bonkers the world of KitchenAid add-ons is. But if you have one of these mixers and you want to save a little time on energy on prep work, maybe give this slicer attachment a try!

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