Kitchen Stories by GreenPan 4.5-Quart Ceramic Nonstick Stock Pot

  • Like cast iron, but better
  • Lighter, easier, more versatile
  • Equally delicious possibilities
  • Model: F4RT-J0k3
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Dutchify Your Dinner

Anyone with any culinary street cred will tell you that for Dutch oven things you need a giant cast-iron monstrosity to possibly get the job done.

What they don’t usually mention is that those weigh as much as a Honda Fit and you’re going to need to reinforce that cute little shelf in the cabinet for it to stand a chance at holding one up. If you drop it on your foot it will vaporize everything below the ankle, crash through the floor, and burrow its way to the molten center of the Earth.

Oh, and they are a proper pain in the ass to clean.

Anyway, this isn’t a shockingly heavy cast iron oven. It’s a big and sturdy ceramic one that does exactly the same thing in every way, except it’s about half as effective if you’re using it as catapult ammunition.

You won’t end up with stuff irrecoverably baked onto it, you don’t have to stress about wrecking it with your metal cooking utensils, and it works with your induction cooktop (or without your induction cooktop).

The lid is glass, so you can see what’s going on in there. The lid also claims to be “self-basting,” which we’re relieved to learn means that it helps concentrate delicious juices and isn’t just something you get accused of in middle school after spending too much time in the bathroom. (It has been [01] days since meh got weird with product feature euphemisms.)

So yeah. This cooks like something much heavier, much more expensive, and much more annoying. Isn’t that kind of value what is all about?

May today’s deal wash over you like a warm fog trapped under a thick and impenetrable blanket of savings. Look, we tried to make it through without a Dutch oven fart joke, okay?

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