JLab Active Noise Canceling Earbuds (Refurbished)

  • 10 hours of playtime on one charge (with 30 hours more via the charging case)
  • 4.2 out of 5 on Amazon based on more than 3,400 reviews
  • Cancel out the noise of the outside world and get stuff done
  • Are they Mac compatible: Yes! Although you might not expect as much, considering they don’t cost over $200
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Listening's a Chore

You might see these earbuds and think they’d be perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle. After all, they’re compact, their battery can last over 10 hours (with 30 additional hours if you bring the charging case along), and they have active noise cancellation to help block out the bustling outside world. Heck, these even have a movie mode, so you can enjoy some premium entertainment as you travel.

But you know what else they’d be great for? Doing chores around the house!

Think about it: chores are loud. Your Bluetooth speaker is gonna get drowned out by the sink or the vacuum. Also, chores are tedious. Meaning, it’s better to just shut out your surroundings and get them done.

Now, you might prefer music while you work. But if you really want to make the time fly by, we recommend listening to an engrossing audiobook. Even better than that: an audiobook specifically written to conform to the chores at hand. Something like:

  • The Dishes of Madison County
  • Water for Elephants (and also for Plants)
  • The Big Sweep
  • Magic Mountain (of Mail)
  • Wipe Fang
  • Riding in Cars to Grocery Stores with Boys
  • Practical Magic Eraser
  • A Room with a View (and a Bed to Make)
  • Raking Leaves of Grass
  • Huckleberry Finn-ish Putting Away Holiday Decorations
  • The Thing in the Snow Blown from the Driveway (releases tomorrow!)

Pretty stupid, huh?

But you know what’s not stupid? These earbuds! So get a pair, why don’t you?

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