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Incase Laptop Cases for 13" & 15" MacBooks

  • We got a case for your 15" MacBook Pro
  • We got a case for your 13" MacBook Pro
  • We got a case for your 13" MacBook Air
  • They’re all stylish and durable and some of them maybe making a clicking sound when they close?
  • Model: INMB900309-GLD, INMB200547-CBT, INMB900308-GRY, INMB200547-BLP, INMB200547-GFT, where INMB stands for 'Incredibly Nifty Molded Brotector.
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Case Closed

Your MacBook might not technically be the most valuable thing you own. Maybe you own a home, or a nice car. Maybe you’ve got a really great set of living room furniture, or a Sleep Number bed. Really, there are any number of things you might have that cost more than your MacBook.

It might not be the most fragile thing you own, either. A ceramic mug is more fragile, for example. Or a vintage glass. Or a mirror. Or your collection of painted eggs. All of these things are far more likely than your MacBook to shatter and spread their shards across the floor.

But there’s a chance that your MacBook is the most valuable fragile thing you own. And that’s before you consider the invaluable stuff on it. Photos, documents, music, all that stuff–you might be able to get some of it back if your MacBook gets severely damaged, but a lot of it could be lost forever, and that sucks.

What we’re getting at is: it’s always been a good idea to protect your MacBook.

But now, in our current work-from-home, everything-happens-over-Zoom reality? That protection is even more essential.

You know what we’re talking about. We’ve seen the photos going around social media, of “work stations” that are comprised of precariously stacked egg cartons, of desks that are are boards bridging two not-quite-even stacks of books.

And, like, we get it. Space is tight, and even a mediocre desk and chair might run you into the thousands.

You can worry about upgrading that stuff later. For now, get one of these solid cases from Incase to protect your MacBook. We’ve got a number of options for 13" and 15" MacBooks that are as stylish as they are durable. They even make a clicking noise when they close, apparently, which some people are into.

So get one today. (Also, if you’ve got the funds, maybe invest in a good chair. Back support is important.)

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