ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner (Refurbished)

  • It’s not great on big carpets, but it can deal with hard floors and a few rugs
  • Especially good at cleaning up pet hair
  • Very powerful and effective for the price
  • Model: V4C-T0-TH3-FUTUR3
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Begone, Pet Hair

This isn’t a Roomba. We just wanted to get that out of the way, because that was likely your first thought upon seeing it: it looks sorta like a Roomba, but it’s not a Roomba.

Which means our job is a little harder. Because if this were a Roomba, we’d be like, “Check it out! It’s a Roomba!” And you’d say, “Oh, I’ve heard of the Roomba!” And we’d say, “Do you want a Roomba?” And you’d say, “Yes, please, sell me a Roomba.” Or “No, thank you, I am not currently in need of a Roomba.”

But luckily for us, this thing is good. And also luckily for us, there are people on other websites who are willing to say as much. Take this review on Tom’s Guide, for example. Their verdict is pretty cut-and-dry:

Buy it. iLife V3s Pro costs less than $200, yet outperformed robot vacuums costing hundreds more.

Pretty nice, right? And that’s before you consider that the refurbished one we’re selling today is way under $200. Like, $121 under.

But how exactly can it be so good and so cheap? By choosing its lane and sticking to it. This thing’s not going to be great on your heavy, high-pile carpet. But if you’ve got hardwood floors and a few rugs, it’ll work perfectly.

Also, it’s especially adept at dispatching pet hair, which, if you ask us, is the most important thing for a robot vacuum to take care of.

After all, you can take your grubby shoes off at the door to avoid tracking in dirt, and you can try to limit how often you walk around the house carelessly eating a super flaky croissant. But if you’ve got pets, they’re going to leave their hair EVERYWHERE! And you can’t do anything to stop them. You can only clean up after them.

Or you can get something to do it for you.

Like this robot vacuum.

So maybe buy one?

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